Creating Self-Care

Creating moments of self-care is, in my eyes, one of the most powerful actions we can take to increase our self-worth and step up to be the lover/teacher/sister we are so destined to be.

{Meditation} Tuning Into Your Higher Self

STEP FOUR – RECOGNIZE AND ABANDON FEAR, PAGE 82   This meditation is to be used at the appropriate section while working through Boundaries with Soul. Please follow along and resume your work when finished. Don’t own a copy of my newest book Boundaries with Soul? Purchase yours here.

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{Listen} Becoming an Empowered Citizen + Soul

From Seattle's KKNW Sunny in Seattle radio show, join me as we discuss how to find our light in the darkness in order to become an inspired citizen and soul.
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Shift The Way You Think About Change

I’ve always heard people say that and never really took it to heart, until recently. Change is good because it forces you to make adjustments and adapt. Change forcefully gives you a few moments of raw clarity. Seize that moment. Give yourself the chance to get real with your intentions and what you really desire out of this life.