People Pleasing + Communication

As natural givers, we find ourselves so wrapped up in others that we tend to lose touch with what it is we truly want, and in those fleeting moments we actually do feel what we want, we don’t communicate our wishes to the necessary parties.

{Meditation} Find Your Authentic Self

STEP ONE – FIND YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF, PAGE 37   This meditation is to be used at the appropriate section while working through Boundaries with Soul. Please follow along and resume your work when finished. Don’t own a copy of my newest book Boundaries with Soul? Purchase yours here. Meditation adapted from Inner Health Studio.

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{Video} Building Boundaries with Essential Oils

Establishing clear and healthy boundaries is the ultimate form of self-care, and essential oils can help you in this process. Essential oils can help protect your personal energy from others, assist in increasing your confidence, and help calm stressful feelings.
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Shift The Way You Think About Change

I’ve always heard people say that and never really took it to heart, until recently. Change is good because it forces you to make adjustments and adapt. Change forcefully gives you a few moments of raw clarity. Seize that moment. Give yourself the chance to get real with your intentions and what you really desire out of this life.