Tired as a Mother Self-Care Bundle | Carley Schweet

Tired as a Mother Self-Care Bundle

Self-Care for the Modern Mama

This self-care bundle contains everything you need to finally create the you-time you deserve, mama.

When you’re a busy mom, the idea of self-care can feel like an unattainable luxury, I get it.

The truth is, if you leave your needs neglected for too long, you may end up feeling burned out, exhausted, and overwhelmed.

You deserve more. You deserve better.


Can I ask you a personal question?

How many times have you thought one of the below statements?

  • I don’t have any time for self-care.
  • Our budget is tight and self-care feels extravagant.
  • There’s too much to get done, I’ll care for myself later.
  • It’s selfish to take time to myself when my family needs me.
  • I don’t have enough support to take care of myself.
  • My needs aren’t important enough.

While those thoughts can feel like your only reality, I can just about promise you there’s another way to live life. One where you don’t feel as quite burned out, exhausted, resentful, and frustrated.

Sit back and imagine a life where your needs are not only acknowledged, but prioritized. How would that make you feel?

With this bundle, you can finally put an end to those limiting beliefs and feel empowered in your self-care.

When you invest in this self-care bundle, you’ll instantly receive:

  • Tips to overcome common self-care roadblocks
  • Effective self-care strategies that won’t break the bank
  • Self-care worksheets including journaling prompts, coloring pages, affirmations, self-care calendar, and more
  • Guidance on how to prioritize yourself without feeling selfish or overwhelmingly guilty
  • Communication tips to ensure those around you support your needs


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