In today’s information age, you can now have your genetics tested to see what foods are best for you! I pricked my finger to get answers and see how Habit Food Personalized really works.

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I’ll be totally honest with you, food has not always been an easy relationship for me. In my prime people-pleasing days, what I ate was often an attempt to cover up some discomfort or anxiety I was feeling deep within. Trips to the fridge were usually prompted by a desire to distract myself from what was really going on.

Throughout the past few years, I’ve tried a few different ways of eating such as pescatarian, paleo, and keto – just to name a few. Nothing stuck. At the same time, I was becoming a Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (read my story with IIN) and at one point, I finally understood that if I healed what was going on internally, my relationship with food would heal as well.

Once I stopped using food as a crutch, I realized was time to find out what foods actually fueled me. What made me feel good? I’m a pretty intuitive eater and prefer to eat mostly plant-based, but is that truly what’s best for me? I turned to Habit to find out. Continue reading to get all of the details on my Habit Food Personalized review.


One-size fits all dietary recommendations aren’t always the best choice for every single person. The reality is that we are all unique and require different fuel to make us feel our best. Sometimes, depending on a variety of factors, what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another.

Habit takes the guesswork out of discovering what food makes you thrive using their recent research in nutrigenomics, paired with DNA research. By definition, according to Merriam Webster, nutrigenomics the scientific study of the interaction of nutrition and genes, especially with regard to the prevention or treatment of disease.

What does that mean, exactly? Imagine building a custom diet-plan that’s designed to encourage weight-loss, improve your overall health, and make you feel like the best version of yourself. This plan would be based off of your personal DNA, blood samples, height, weight, BMI, and waist measurement.

Habit Food Personalized Review and Promo Code


Your Habit testing kit will arrive in a very lux black box, all designed to make the testing process an absolute breeze. Upon opening up the testing box, you’ll see a simple introduction to how Habit works and what you can expect. It’s also important to note that you must fast at least ten hours before beginning the testing process – that means nothing but water!

The next step is to register your kit online and get everything for the test set up and ready to go. The whole process is super simple, and the website will walk you through every step (video included!) to ensure you’re doing everything right to ensure the best results.

Once registered, I simply took my waist measurement and recorded it online. I got to skip the DNA collection portion because I already have that data stored through 23andMePsst – if you’ve already completed a DNA test through 23andMe or AncestryDNA, you’ll save $100 on your Habit testing kit!

Habit Packaging & Instructions
Taking the Habit Food Test
Habit Food Personalized Package

The other four main parts of this test are three blood samples and drinking The Habit Challenge Shake. One blood sample is to be taken before drinking the shake, followed by one 30 and another 120 minutes post consumption.

Personally, I had a little bit of a challenge with the first blood sample collection as my hands weren’t properly warmed up per Habit’s recommendations – oops! I eventually got enough blood for the sample space (about four to five large drops). After that, I had no problem getting enough circulation and the collection process was a breeze.


Honestly, my biggest reservation was the The Habit Challenge Shake. At first glance, I knew it was not going to be easy because it has 75g of sugar and a few ingredients I try not to consume much of. Eek!

Once I dug a little more into the why (more on that below), I felt better about chugging this breakfast-in-a-bottle in under five minutes. Also if this shake, paired with the testing process, has the power to make other people feel better than they currently do, then I’m totally game to be the guinea pig.

Drinking the Habit Challenge Shake

According to the scientists behind Habitthe proprietary, nutrient-rich, and clinically validated Habit Challenge™ Shake is the caloric and nutritional equivalent to a full breakfast, and is a key part of Habit’s science. The shake is designed to temporarily disturb the normal balance of carbs, fats and protein in an individual’s blood, similar to what happens after eating a meal. This shows us how the body processes nutrients in real time, all designed to uncover what  types of nutrients, and in what proportions, are right for an individual.

Like I mentioned before, it’s important to drink your shake within five minutes. It was doable for me, but I did have a little bit trouble because it’s super sweet and a lot to drink. The taste wasn’t terrible, kind of like a very sweet but not-too-creamy milkshake. Would I opt to drink it again? No, but for the sake of receiving personalized food recommendations that could ultimately make me a healthier person – no problem.

After twenty minutes post-consumption I was feeling slightly nauseous but definitely full. I don’t eat a ton of sugar in my regular diet (that wasn’t the case a few years ago…), so I’m sure my body was very confused as to what was happening. That’s the whole point of this shake though, to measure how your body can process nutrients and how productively it responds post-meal.

All in all, a little bit of short-term discomfort is totally worth it in the end.


After you drink the shake, simply start the timer for 30 minutes and complete another blood sample. Wait another 90 minutes (120 minutes total post-consumption) and complete your third and final sample. Easy peasy!

From there, you simply let your three blood samples dry for at least thirty minutes and package everything up, including your DNA test if you had one, and drop it in the pre-labeled FedEx envelope and drop it at your nearest FedEx.


  • the ease as every step is clearly outlined and even include videos to guide you through each step
  • the promise of getting in touch with what my body truly needs
  • the packaging is high-quality and very easy to navigate
  • the support of diet individualization
  • how you can save $100 if you already have a 23andMe or AncestryDNA account
  • a dedicated registered dietician through the Habit Ally program
Habit Challenge Shake


  • The Habit Challenge Shake® wasn’t my favorite but not terrible
  • the thought of pricking my own finger, but got over it after the first time
  • six to eight weeks of waiting on edge for my results – the suspense!


Let me be real here, I am not an all or nothing type of person. Especially when it comes to the food I eat. I believe that individualization in a diet is extremely important, but I also do not want to restrict myself from enjoying life, especially on vacation or during special occasions.

The results I receive will certainly influence the way I go about my food choices, but if I find that my body doesn’t like dairy (hypothetically speaking), am I going to cut it out 100%? No. Trust me, I will be the first to indulge in a cheese platter with friends, but I will take the necessary steps to ensure that I am taking care of my gut (with probiotics and digestive enzymes) and will remove dairy in other easily accessible parts of my life.


Once I sent in my completed testing kit, Habit told me I could expect to get my results within 6-8 weeks (which I thought was a long time). Fortunately, I got my results in around two weeks!

According to habit, I am a range-seeker or someone that enjoys a moderate amount of protein, a higher intake of complex carbohydrates and fat. Also, my body thrives on a wide variety of food. These results are all good news to me because I was someone who, like many, was so cautious of carbohydrates and now I love enjoying sources of high-quality complex carbohydrates like quinoa, buckwheat, and amaranth. Food has become a lot more approachable and exciting for me again!

Aside from the dietary recommendations, Habit also gave me a whole slew of results from both my blood and DNA tests. These insights confirmed that I indeed do have a caffeine sensitivity (I quit drinking coffee over three years ago and rarely drink caffeinated tea) and that my BMI, body weight, blood pressure, etc. are all within a normal range.

The one big surprise within my results was a slightly-elevated LDL (bad) cholesterol level. I consider myself a pretty healthy person, but this high LDL does run in my family so it’s something I am going to talk to the Habit nutritionist about.

Also, since I’m now part of the Habit family, I receive weekly emails with suggestions and recipes to support my range-seeking ways. It’s really nice knowing that Habit doesn’t leave you with a bunch of results assuming you’ll be able to implement lifestyle and dietary changes on your own. I’ve found the weekly email support to be quite helpful!

Habit Promo Code

At the end of the day, I think the Habit Food Personalized test is totally worth the money, especially if you’re using my discount code. It’s important to keep a big-picture perspective and remember that you don’t have to follow the suggested guidelines all day, every day. Rather, use them as data to make more informed decisions about the way you choose to fuel your body.


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Disclosure: I received my Habit testing kit for free of charge in exchange for this review. The opinions within this post are completely my own and are in no way influenced by my affiliation with Habit. This post contains affiliate links and I will receive a small commission should you decide to purchase Habit.



Carley is the self-care coach and author of the book and digital course, Boundaries with Soul™.

After years of people-pleasing in the corporate fashion industry in New York City, she finally realized there was more to life than being a chronic yes-woman. By practicing transformational self-care, she gained more confidence and discovered that by making her needs a priority, real happiness would soon follow.

Carley is the host of the You Time™ Podcast, and her work is featured on major media outlets such as MindBodyGreen, Bustle, Hello Giggles, and Elite Daily.