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  • You’re sensitive in a powerful way
  • You’re in tune with the world around you, almost to a fault
  • Your intuition is one of your greatest strengths
  • You have the ability to feel deeply for others, even complete strangers

If so, you need the Empath Protection Manual to protect your precious gifts!

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Carley Schweet is a self-care coach and author of the book and digital course, Boundaries with Soul™. She is passionate about helping those who give too much create holistic self-care practices in their everyday lives.
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“Carley is guiding me through some life changing times with the utmost compassion while keeping it FUN. I can confidently refer her to anyone ready to make a change in life.”

– Dani B.

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“I would recommend Carley to anyone and everyone. She is just a normal girl with an ABUNDANCE of knowledge and guidance. She understands your “issues” and tries to adjust your lifestyle at the core.”

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