Creating Self-Care

Creating moments of self-care is, in my eyes, one of the most powerful actions we can take to increase our self-worth and step up to be the lover/teacher/sister we are so destined to be.

{Meditation} Find Your Authentic Self

STEP ONE – FIND YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF, PAGE 37   This meditation is to be used at the appropriate section while working through Boundaries with Soul. Please follow along and resume your work when finished. Don’t own a copy of my newest book Boundaries with Soul? Purchase yours here. Meditation adapted from Inner Health Studio.

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Empath? Protect Yourself Now

As an empath, do you find yourself struggling to keep some balance within your life? Are you constantly soaking up the energy of others around you and find yourself paralyzed, unable to move because you’re so overcome with emotion?

{Video} Building Boundaries with Essential Oils

Establishing clear and healthy boundaries is the ultimate form of self-care, and essential oils can help you in this process. Essential oils can help protect your personal energy from others, assist in increasing your confidence, and help calm stressful feelings.
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{Video} My Tried + True Self-Care Rituals

Join me as I walk you through my daily self-care rituals, plus two special bonus rituals! You're worth the moments of self-care, and these rituals will help get you there.
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The Process of Healing

I’m giving you my three steps to jumpstart your healing process and move closer to happiness right this instant. I know you’re worth so much more than you’ve convinced yourself off and I know you’re more capable of doing more than you’ve ever thought possible.

Building Boundaries with Essential Oils

Oftentimes, we find it difficult to build healthy boundaries, as we find ourselves feeling guilty or anxious and tend to neglect them all together. Essential oils can help.